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Mines of Dalarnia is an adventure blockchain game with a “play to earn” and procedurally generated levels on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. The game has areas that can be explored, skills and equipment, artifacts, relics, hostile monsters. The player needs to combine various objects to improve skills and weapons, increasing the effectiveness in the game.

DAR is the in -game project currency used to improve players’ instruments and skills, as well as for trading in the built -in market. The DAR collected as a result of these actions will be stored in the reserve of the community. Token holders together make decisions about their use: to finance the development of the game or for burning.

From October 29, 2021, Binance exchange users could receive free DAR tokens for staying BNB and Busd. The stakeing period, as usual, is 30 days – until November 28. Token trade opened 2021-11-04 08:00 (UTC) in pairs DAR/USDT, DAR/BTC, DAR/BNB, DAR/BUSD. The editors of yeell.it will talk about the Mines of Dalarnia project and the values ​​of its DAR token.

Updated. Today, the price of DAR after listing on Binance reached $ 16.79 in a pair of DAR/USDT. At 11:12 $ 5.69 or +25808 % to the original.

Launchpool page DAR.

Pharmacing Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) on Binance Launchpool

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1 General information

2 Game process

2.1 Earth

2.2 resources

2.3 tools

2.4 market

3 DAR token

4 Where to buy, sell and store Dar

5 Conclusion

general information

Name ofMines of Dalarnia


Launch year 2021

Type of tokenabep-20

Blockchainbinance Smart Chain

Maximum emission 800 000 000 DAR

Official websitehttps: //www.minesofdalarnia.com/

White Paperhttps: //www.minesofdalarnia.com/assets/mod-litepaper-uPdated-02-Sep.pdf

FAQHTTPS: //www.minesofdalarnia.com/faq.html

Bloghttps: //minesofDalarnia.medium.com/

Social media

https://.com/minesofdalarnia https://discord.com/invite/dzavmy/ https://t.me/minesofdalarnia/ https://www.youtube.com/c/minesofDalarnia

The start of the distribution on Binance Launchpool28 October 2021

Will be distributed to Launchpool24 000 000 DAR


Game process

The Mines of Dalarnia game world includes mineral reserves, a variety of freely generated relief and different ways of using resources.


Plots of land can be several different types – earth, lava, ice, darkness. They are represented by different colors in the mining prey control panel. All areas contain hostile mobs with different features of the attack and other properties that need to be adapted.

The player can own the land and thereby receive opportunities for earnings. The sale of land is carried out in parties. The player must pay a certain price to buy a plot of land represented in NFT format. In this case, you can choose the type of land at your discretion. For the landowner, the minimum reward is initially established either in tokens, or in the necessary instruments and minerals, or in other formats.

Mines of Dalarnia gaming process

However, buying a land plot in Mines of Dalarnia is not a pure investment, it imposes certain responsibilities related to the development of the game economy. During each month, the system measures the platform indicators, such as the number of new players, the volume of minerals mined, etc. Active and well -controlled mines are rewarded, and sanctions are applied to inactive. The owner has the right to lease land on his own conditions or levy taxes.


The game has two types of resources mined:

Basic. They are used for basic modernization and can be found in a free zone available to every player. Examples – iron ore, metal scrap, Falun copper.

Exotic. They are used for improved modernization. You can find them only in bought or leased premium shacht. Examples – petrified Neon, Street, crystallized plasma

Some minerals can only be found in certain types of mines.

Resources in Mines of Dalarnia


To start the game, the user needs a starting set of oxygen bags and picks. In the future, you can improve your inventory using DAR tokens. More functional tools will allow you to obtain resources faster and more effective.

In the Mines of Dalarnia, there is the upper limit of using each tool – when it is achieved, the player needs to be thrown away or exchanged. Different types of mines have individual tools for tools. And the uniform helps to extend the possible time in the mine.

Equipment in mines of dalarnia


Finally, in the game Mines of Dalarnia there is a market where users can trade items or rent them. Minerally fossils, equipment, as well as unique decor objects act as exchange tools. For each transaction made on the trading platform, a commission is charged in DAR tokens.

Token DAR

Native Dar Token has several types of application at once:

Steering with awards. Users can put DAR and get early access to new game functions and content, as well as symbolic awards.

Decentralized management. Owners of the asset will be able to vote on proposals regarding the economy of land, a policy of remuneration of miners and other components.

Play-to-Earn. You can earn DAR by selling items collected during the game, or win in tournaments. In addition, the player can buy a site, and then rent it out, receiving passive income.

Trading asset for the purchase and sale of NFT in the built -in market.

DAR token graphics

From October 29 to November 28, 2021, the DAR token will be distributed as a reward on Binance Launchpool for BNB and Busd cryptocurrencies. Coin distribution:

BNB: 19 200 000 DAR (80%)

Busd: 4 800 000 DAR (20%)

During the month, Binance will take every hour to take pictures of user balance, so that at the end of the event, distributed DAR based on these data.

Introduting @minesofdalarnia $ Dar on #binance Launchpool

FARM $ DAR by Staking #bnb and $ Busd!

➡️ https://t.co/8gehgpkdto pic..com/pfukadk9xp

– Binance (@binance) October 28, 2021

Where to buy, sell and store Dar

Shortly after the start of the distribution on Binance Launchpool, on November 4, 2021, the token was added to Binance Exchange and is available for trading in the innovation zone. Starting trading pairs: DAR/BTC, DAR/BNB, DAR/BUSD and DAR/USDT.

Since the token belongs to the BEP-20 standard, in the future they can exchange decentralized exchanges based on Binance Smart Chain, for example:




For storage, you can use the Trust Wallet, Binance Chain Wallet, Metamask wallets (in the latter you need to switch to the BSC network).


The number of games on the blockchain continues to grow, and the Mines of Dalarnia is another worthy representative of this category. The game works according to the Play-to-Earn model, which means that users can receive income in an interesting playful way. There is also a variant of passive earnings – renting own land plots for rent. The project operates on the basis of Binance Smart Chain, thus transactions in it are much faster and cheaper than in protocols based on Ethereum. Further development depends on how the team will actively work both in terms of promotion and in terms of improving the game. For example, for 2022 it is planned to launch a mobile application and add new game tasks.

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