List of cryptocurrency applications on iOS

List of cryptocurrency applications on iOS



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To work with digital assets, exchanges, exchange services, wallets are used. To buy or sell cryptocurrencies, you can not go to the site. The software (software) for installation on a PC or mobile device is offered. The IOS cryptocurrency application is used in Apple’s smartphones. Software manufacturers take into account the popularity of this operating system (OS).

The best applications for working with cryptocurrency for iOS








Useful programs for crypto -investors

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The best applications for working with cryptocurrency for iOS

Smartphone users can choose software taking into account the OS. Most development developers create versions for iOS and Android, which are available in stores.

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Top 10 programs for your iPhone, which will definitely benefit!

Cryptocurrency trading on the phone is the mobile application of the Binance Exchange! Binance 2020, BNB.

TOP-5: crypto applications (for beginners)

The best IPhone mining applications are how to minute cryptocurrency on the phone

These are 10 best useful applications on iPhone … free + links

Top 10 programs for your iPhone, which will definitely benefit!

Cryptocurrency trading on the phone is the mobile application of the Binance Exchange! Binance 2020, BNB.

TOP-5: crypto applications (for beginners)

The best IPhone mining applications are how to minute cryptocurrency on the phone

These are 10 best useful applications on iPhone … free + links

Top 10 programs for your iPhone, which will definitely benefit!

Cryptocurrency trading on the phone is the mobile application of the Binance Exchange! Binance 2020, BNB.

TOP-5: crypto applications (for beginners)

The best IPhone mining applications are how to minute cryptocurrency on the phone

These are 10 best useful applications on iPhone … free + links



Choosing a mobile application should be carefully. Under the guise of a program, the link may be harmful software.

You can not trust products from third -party developers, even despite attractive offers. Cryptocurrency safety is more important than the benefits from bonuses, lack of commissions and other advantages.

Crypto -rope


Min/max for 24 hours

Volume for 24 hours



$ 37 128.93

Min: $ 36 519.81

Max: $ 40 017.85

18 797.63 BTC

$ 726.38 million




$ 36 959.11

Min: $ 36 369.39

Max: $ 40 021.29

13 727.00 BTC

$ 529.12 million




$ 36 984.30

Min: $ 36 564.03

Max: $ 39 988.00

1 064.76 BTC

$ 41.14 million




$ 36 961.73

Min: $ 36 479.72

Max: $ 40 027.16

715.38 BTC

$ 27.79 million




$ 36 986.87

Min: $ 36 503.34

Max: $ 40 011.76

75 295.74 BTC

$ 2.92 billion




$ 36 975.38

Min: $ 36 589.02

Max: $ 40 017.40

7 758.30 BTC

$ 301.89 million




$ 36 995.72

Min: $ 36 569.03

Max: $ 39 949.06

89.64 BTC

$ 3.51 million


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The App Store is distinguished by strict moderation of the software that developers in the store place. However, the security service does not always identify scammers. Periodically hackers find vulnerabilities in obsolete software, gain access to information on a user smartphone.

The risk of becoming a victim of scammers is reduced if you follow the safety rules.

What needs to be done

Using only current software, the lasting version of the operating system contains new levels of protection, reduce the possibility of hacking a smartphone and data loss.

Download according to the official websites of developers or the App Store (for iOS), often under the guise of a cryptocurrency wallet or other trading service, fraudulent applications for theft of user information are hidden. You need to check the software and install it from the iOS store or the original source (developer website)

It is safe to store private keys, the SEED-fradual information cannot be kept in a smartphone, in mail messages. Attackers can hack software without problems and steal closed keys.

Other information about crypto security:

Wallets are castodial and non -codial. In the first case, the keys are stored on the side of the developer. In the wallets of a non -codial type, the user himself is responsible for everything. Such a storage is safer.

Open source code. Developers may make mistakes that will reduce safety. The Open Source class application allows you to see the source code. So, the probability of correction of vulnerability increases.

Enhanced security. Developers can use different ways to protect assets: two-factor authentication, password, PIN code, Face and Touch ID.

The user convenience is influenced by the following features:


Simplicity of the interface.


HD function (hierarchically-determined wallets).

The possibility of exchange without leaving the service.

Support for the Russian -speaking interface.

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A popular cryptocurrency platform offers a mobile platform for trading and exchanging bitcoins and altcoins. For installation, you must go from the official exchange website to the App Store. You can immediately find software in the store, but experts recommend the first option. For use, the iOS 11 and higher operating system is required.

The application to the iPhone to buy cryptocurrency provides all functions of the trading platform. Tecenized shares of world companies, exchange products are available. Trading with Levreiga (credit shoulder) 1: 500 is possible. platform is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. This is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges for Russia and other CIS countries.

The site has links for the transition to the App Store


The developers of the popular cryptocurrency exchange have created a mobile version for trading, buying and storing coins. It has an understandable interface. Using a cryptocurrency wallet, you can buy and sell coins and tokens:








After loading through the store, you need to create a user account. The identification of a new client is required. The exchange is registered in the United States, follows the American rules and complies with the requirements of the law to combat money laundering.

Replenishment of the account is possible through a credit or debit card (a commission of 3.99%) and a bank transfer (fee depends on the region). Trade fees for surgery with cryptocurrency are charged. The rate on the purchase and sale is fixed – 1.5% of the transaction amount.

The program interface is translated into different languages, including Russian. For installation, iOS 11 and above is required.


One of the largest cryptocurrency sites offers 2 options for mobile applications with support for iPhone smartphones:

For newbies.

For experienced traders (Pro).

The software for beginners in trading appeared only in 2021. You can perform different operations:

Buy coins with a card.

Follow the courses of digital currencies.

Use fixed amounts for purchase.

The application has restrictions in some countries. For work you need iOS 10 and higher.

The option for experienced traders has been operating since 2013. In addition to conventional trade, there are additional functions:

Display graphs.

Margin trading with a credit shoulder to x5.

Extended types of orders.

For the correct operation of the program, iOS is required at least 11 versions. In connection with an account on the exchange via API instead of a login and password.


The cryptocurrency site offers a version for smartphones. You can download the software for iOS in the App Store store. Available setting orders, exchange of assets, viewing positions. In addition to BTC, altcoins ETH, XRP, LTC and others are supported.

All Bitfinex exchange functions are available:

Margin trading.

Setting orders.

Credit products.




For work, you need:

Download program.

Create a new API key (according to the instructions on the official website).

Scan a QR code, import it and enter the system.

This is a platform for trading, investment and exchange of crypto actures. There are versions for Android and iOS. It is possible to install an application on the iPhone for working with cryptocurrency. It is better to go to the store from the official website of the exchange is safer.

Different functions are available:

Buying and selling coins.

Deposit of cryptocurrency and fiat.

Sending digital assets, including other users, from the list of contacts of the phone (if the permit is included).

Cryptocurrency conclusion.

For safety, two -factor authentication is used, confirmation using biometric data. A VISA debit card with a cashback is available to 8% for cryptocurrency calculations (except Russia and the CIS). Buying coins and tokens is possible for fiat. Payment occurs through a bank transfer or card.


The largest cryptocurrency platform has also developed a mobile version for trading and exchanging assets. The Binance application is available on Android and iOS, allows you to manage the accounting account on the exchange. The version for the iPhone can be installed from the store. Go to the page with the program is better at the link on the exchange website.

More than 150 cryptocurrencies are available, you can use a QR code for sending and receiving. The IOS application offers work with different tools:

Sports trade in cryptocurrencies.

The use of unlimited futures contracts.

Options trade.

Credit shoulder 1: 125.



To protect data, two -factor authentication, anti -Fishing tools are used. User funds are insured in the asset security fund (SAFU). At the same time, the exchange does not have an official regulator license.

There are 2 options:

Pro – for experienced traders.

Lite – for beginners.

One application provides for switching between different versions. The user downloads and sets the program, as he is professional to turn to the next level.


The cryptocurrency exchange for working with derivatives offers a mobile version. The FTX PRO application is available on Android and iPhone. The developers position the platform as a universal for users with different levels of knowledge: powerful for professionals and understandable to beginners.

Opportunities by:

A wide selection of cryptocurrency vapor operations.

Trade of options with a credit shoulder to x101.

Work with Bitcoin futures and other assets.

Sports trade.

Trading with a credit shoulder.

Extended types of orders.

The use of tokens with a credit shoulder.

FTX Pro provides a high level of security, suspicious actions are monitored at the entrance to the system.


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges allows you to trade from any place through a smartphone. BYBIT mobile application is designed for installation on iPhone and Android. You can download from stores from the link from the site.

The IOS cryptocurrency application allows you to perform operations available on the main platform, namely:

Engage in sporting trading.

Work with derivatives.

Make money on stitrong.

Invest in liquidity pools.

The function of automation of trade is available thanks to notification. The program reveals optimal opportunities for entering and output. When the market reaches the specified parameters, the user receives a notification.

You can buy and sell cryptocurrency for fiat money using payment cards, bank transfers. The application has an understandable interface for work.


A popular cryptocurrency service created a version with Android, iOS support. You can download it from the link from the platform website on the App Store. Experts do not recommend using other sources to download the program.

Blockchain provides safe storage of cryptocurrencies in the iPhone application. For this, a non -codial type wallet is used. Private keys and control over the means remain with the user.

The application provides:

Buying cryptocurrency.

Monet exchange.


Earnings on deposits.

Access to historical information, schedules in real time.

Advantages Blockchain:

Comfort of use.

The presence of a built -in platform for cryptocurrency trading.

The ability to create several wallets.

Disadvantages: a small number of cryptocurrency pairs, safety problems. There are cases of successful hacker attacks on the online version of the wallet. The mobile application has not yet been hacked, but the trust of users has been lost.

A large trading platform has also developed an application for iOS and Android. You can download the program on the App Store. In addition to the cryptocurrency wallet, the following functions are proposed to customers:

Instant purchase of crypto assets using a bank card.

Removing and replenishment of the account.

Cryptocurrency exchange, conversion at the current rate.

Alerts about all the movements in the market.

Quick access to the selected commerce pairs.

Information about prices in real time.

Support for market and limit orders.

The application attracts customers with an understandable interface. All the functions of online versions are available, including spot and marginal trade.

The site has links for a quick transition to the store

Useful programs for crypto -investors

In addition to software from exchanges and mobile versions of wallets for storing virtual money, there are other applications. Such programs analyze the market, control trading, ensure data security.


A popular portal offers a mobile version for iOS. It collected data from all cryptocurrency exchanges. Information is provided in the form convenient for analysis and use in trading. The application is focused on beginners, but professionals will also find a lot of useful things here.

In addition to information on exchanges, CoinmarketCap publishes the following data on coins and tokens:

Current price.


Daily turnover.


Changing quotes per day.

Cryptocurrency schedule.

There is also global statistics of coins and tokens, converter of digital assets and fiat. You can configure a notification of price changes. A comparison of cryptocurrency in different parameters is available.


Another popular resource for market analysis. The information portal has developed mobile versions for the main operating systems: Android and iOS. IPhone users can easily install them from the App Store. The observer provides a maximum data set for decision -making in trading and investing. It allows:

Get market data for 7 thousand cryptocurrencies.

Take alerts about the change in the price of the selected asset.

Control the created portfolio, fix profit or loss.

Set the widgets to control price changes.

Track unlimited and futures contracts.

A built -in calculator for cryptocurrencies and fiat money is built. Information is assembled from more than 400 sites around the world. Coingecko also controls and issues data on adjacent markets:

Decentralized finances (Defi).

Undeductive tokens (NFT).

The industrial sector.


One of the largest platforms for the analysis of the cryptocurrency market. It is considered a social network for traders. The main users of the service are private investors. Here you can exchange information, opinions, ideas, communicate with professionals. The main feature of TradingView is a technical analysis of the market. Traiders gain access to quotes, a set of useful options. The service provides information on cryptocurrency, promotions, bonds, fiat, futures and other assets. You can create graphs yourself.

The service exists in 3 options:

Simple (without registration).

Trial (for 30 days).

Full (paid).

A simple version serves to familiarize yourself with functions, of which only a small part is available. After registration, you can test the service and pay for the full version. To keep abreast of what is happening, there is a mobile version of the platform. You can download it in the App Store.

FTX (previously Blockfolio)

Another program from the platform of the same name. Provides cryptocurrency information, serves to manage an investment portfolio. There is only a mobile version for iPhone and Android. Information about price, volume, capitalization is available. Also, the user will receive news from the digital world that will help make decisions on the purchase or sale of coins and tokens.

FTX has acquired a popular Blockfolio service

When loading on a smartphone, you should remember the safety rules. Do not install programs from unverified sources, use only official resources, shops.

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