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NFT technology is widely used in the fields of art, games, decentralized finance. Many consider investments in NFT, seeing how some tokens grow many times in price. However, the purchase of such an asset can fly into a pretty penny, because the more popular the market is, the greater the turnover of funds. The sector is attended by institutional investors, world celebrities, companies, which also affects the increase in the average price tag.

In this article, the editorial office of yeell.it will tell you how to get free NFT tokens, which you can then sell and make a profit or simply collect a valuable collection.


1 What is NFT

2 how to get NFT for free

3 1 Play-to-Earn games

4 2 Airrodes and Giva

5 3 contests on crypto -streaks

6 marketplaces for trading NFT

7 how to create your own NFT-TOKEN

8 prospects for the direction


10 conclusion

What is NFT

The term NFT is commonly called cryptographic tokens, to each of which any digital object is tied. Accordingly, each such token will be unique and one of them cannot be replaced by another. Hence the name. They are mainly used to represent ownership of objects. Depending on the value of the attached object, one NFT can cost thousands and millions of dollars.

Digital works of art can have various forms, such as images, videos or audio, and any author can mint on the blockchain to load it to the digital market.

NFT give their authors and owners some advantages, for example:

It is easy to prove authorship, since the information about the owner remains in the smart contract forever.

It is also easy to prove possession. The buyer holds information about the token in his cryptocurrency wallet until he gives it or sells it.

The author can receive lifelong royalties whenever someone resells his creation.

Due to the fact that NFT provides every right of ownership, the owner can completely freely choose which marketplace to put them up for sale, at what price and so on.

How to get NFT for free

Three main options can be distinguished to acquire NFT tokens without buying them in the markets.


Play-to-Earn games

Axie Infinity

Blockchain -based gaming projects are often awarded users with cryptocurrencies and NFT for completing tasks and victory over opponents. True, many decentralized games require initial investments, but there are exceptions.

The initial investments can be quite high. But in the process you can get NFT of varying degrees of rarity and sell them in the free market.

Examples of games with NFT tokens:

Axie Infinity



The Sandbox


A separate category of such games is a meta -combatant, where each NFT can also be purchased, sold or received as a reward, as well as the land plots themselves are NFT (though it will not work for free – they are usually represented in a limited number and their cost only over time only Grows). See Real Estate in Metavselnaya.


Airrods and Giva

Many NFT projects in order to promote their new collections announce free NFT distributions through social networks, usually , Reddit or Discord. Many crypto companies, artists and all types of NFT enthusiasts share their projects and promote them on . After all, going to the market as a beginner, the first thing you need to collect the audience, and only then go with sales to popular markets.

This method has its own problems. There are many scammers in the cryptocurrency space, and it is also likely that the project will not develop. However, since the distributions are free, the risk is not high. Usually, the user needs to to projects, leave a comment, note friends and the like.

Examples of collections that were distributed using giva: Shkary Sharks, Salamanders.

A site where you can see current or nearest distributions: https://nftcalendar.io/tag/giveaway/

An example of one fresh distribution:

🥓grand Theft Bacon #giveaway

The New Exciting P2e PVP Game on Avax

Inspired by Wolf Game and Pizza Game

Paired with $ 300k in Avax GiveAWays! Kyced by Assure Defi

🎉1 nft + 1 #avax giveaway




🥓join https://t.co/koedtckg9

– Clubdegen.avax 🔺ama host (@avaxclubdegen) February 26, 2022


Competitions on crypto -streaks

Draw on the Gate.io exchange with awards in the form of NFT

Binance, Gate.io and other cryptocurrency exchanges periodically hold competitions where users can receive NFT tokens as a gift.

Options for customers who want to win:

Register and undergo verification.

Invite referrals.

Trade for a certain amount.

Separately, it is worth saying about fan-Tokens. For example, on the Binance FAN TOKEN platform, the owners of one or another fan-token can receive exclusive NFT and mystery boxes (boxes with random NFT) as a reward for loyalty.

Marketplaces for trading NFT

The free NFT tokens obtained as a result of competitions, distributions or games can subsequently sell. According to their technology, they are stored on the blockchain and are associated with the wallet of a particular user, and not with the project. Therefore, there is an active trading in gaming and collective items on sites such as:






To connect to the marketplace, you first need to install a decentralized wallet. Popular options – Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, Trust Wallet. Trade is completely peeer-to-peer, that is, tokens are not stored on the exchange, but transferred from the user to the user, and the exchange charges the commission as a percent of the amount of the operation.

How to create your own NFT-TOKEN

As an example, we will consider the Opensea platform as the most popular. You can create your first NFT absolutely free.

Connect the Metamask wallet (or other of the supported) to Opensea. It can be empty. Do not forget to create a backup copy of the recovery phrase.

Create a collection. (My collections -> Create). Set it down. Install the logo, banner, come up with a name, description. You can immediately set the percentage of royalties. You will earn so much from your NFT every time he subsequently passes from hand to hand. Normal rate 5-10%.

Choose a blockchain. Opensea supports Ethereum and Polygon. The second involves zero commission fees.

Confirm the creation of the collection using the wallet.

Now we begin to create NFT. Open the collection and press Add item.

Download the file (picture, music) and roll it in NFT format. It is possible to choose how many copies to mint. You can add unlocked content.

Ready, NFT has been created and no ruble has been spent on this. However, in order to send it for sale, you will already need to pay a transaction commission (if Ethereum blockchain is used).

The prospects of the direction

The three main directions of NFT, which, according to analysts, will develop especially actively:

Game industry. We have already considered the Play-to-Earn model above. But this is not the only way to use. Professional gamers, bloggers and streamers also benefit from this ecosystem. The combination of Defi and NFT will allow many to master a new profession and earn a living in a gaming environment.

Metavselnaya. So far, these projects are more like ordinary online games. But the entry of Facebook (META) is a serious step to the fact that over time the tools will become more diverse, bring financial freedom to users and reduce barriers to the entrance.

Musical industry. Groups and labels recognized the potential of NFT in maintaining control over intellectual property and fair royalties. It really looks better than working with recording companies that take most of the income. In addition, NFT provides new models for the remuneration of fans.

2020 and 2021 became decisive for NFT technology, 2022 continues the tendency. There is a large influx in the industry of artists, designers, developers, public leaders. Many are convinced that NFT is the next step in the revolution of the global economic model.


What is NFT-TOCEN?

Blockchain tokens that differ from ordinary cryptocurrencies. Each of them is strictly unique at the code level and contains information about authorship and the owner.

Is it possible to create NFT yourself?

Yes, this function is supported by most popular marketplaces for trading.

Can I get NFT for free?

Yes, for example, playing P2E games, participating in competitions and distributions.

What are games with NFT?

Games operating on the blockchain, in which almost all functional objects are presented in the form of NFT and can be purchased/sold between users directly.

Where to find free distributions?

There are a lot of them on , Discord, Reddit. There are special sites that track new distributions.

What are the prospects of the sector?

It is expected that irremovable tokens will be actively used in areas such as metavsel, game and musical industry. In general, the methods of using technology are practically not limited.


You can get NFT tokens for free in different ways, and it is not worth neglecting such an opportunity, because it is likely that the asset will increase significantly in price over time and will bring to arrive. Nevertheless, such guarantees are difficult to give, there are many failure projects, which then simply cease to develop. In this case, it is good if you did not have to invest in them. NFT is stored in decentralized wallets that support the relevant standards, and are sold/bought at special sites. There you can also mint your own token to try to sell it.

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